“Completely Ty” aka Tylin Dos Santos’ story is an exciting one starting in his hometown in Johannesburg, South Africa. It was a intimate connection to music from the beginning, like a kid who loves his candy. The passion grew as time went on to the point where he had to act on his dreams.

The dream has since started to be a positive influence on who is around him, to bring smiles and good vibes all around from the dance floor to the streets. His style consists of deep melodic sounds with a “hint” of bass.

“Completely Ty” is his artist name which expresses being true to himself and a constant reminder to others to be nothing but themselves!

Ty has now moved down to Cape Town to make a name of himself in the Techno scene and get completely submerged in his love for this. Music is a journey and Ty has his bags packed.

Lets join him on this roller coaster ride..

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